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Modern minimalism and easy living

METT is a refined, elegant and laid-back collection of lifestyle hotels & resorts dotted around unique locations. With a discreet service style without frills or fuss along with social dining and lifestyle entertainment at the heart of the experience, the brand is conceived for the traveler of today looking for an ideal place to celebrate life and unwind.

Trendy and appealing dining experiences

METT Hotels & Resorts core values reside around people taking pleasure with what they eat and drink. The focus is on simple and desirable dining experiences alongside fun and unique entertainment. From well known brands like Drift Beach Dubai, MOTT32 or Sushisamba, each restaurant concept we implement is crafted with the intention to attract the right clientele from both inside and outside the hotel.

Resorts good for the soul

Whether guests choose to stay in a beach side resort or a hotel in the middle of a Tuscan vineyard, the brand philosophy is to encourage hedonism, where guests are free to express themselves in a way that makes them happy. With tailor made service such as culinary concierge, wellness consultations or world-class Spa facilities, METT Hotels & Resorts aims to deliver an experience that fits each and everyone.

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